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Child Check-In. Simplified. Child Check-In. Simplified. Child Check-In. Simplified.
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More Features

Kiosk App
Allow Households to Self-Checkin via phone number, name search, or household code through this stand-alone app.
Monitor App
Allow workers, volunteers, room attendants to check children in and out of their area, page guardians via SMS, and access allergies/notes at a glance through this stand-alone app.

A live overview of your database - including how many children are checked-in, room capacity, etc.
People Database
Add/Edit Households, Guardians and Children all in one secure place.

Grades & Rooms
Enable grades and/or rooms to organize, track and bulk-promote children.
Create and manage multiple users, permissions, and account ownership.
2-Stage Check-In
Enable 2-Stage checkin for added security.
Track attendance, Export Reports as .CSV
Customize the look of the Kiosk app, create custom people fields, use only the features you want.

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