Child Labels Don't Print

*If the test print works but child labels don't print...

First Possibility:

Check your Grades and/or Rooms to verify that the Name Tag/Label Quantity is a value greater than "0":

Edit Grade

If "0" is selected no labels will print for children assigned to this Grade or Room.

*Note: If both Grades and Rooms are enabled, the Room quantity takes priority.

This provides the option to print no labels for certain groups (such as teenagers), or multiple labels (such as 2 for children assigned to the Nursery - if you'd like one label for their diaper bag and one for the child's clothing).

Second Possibilty:

Are you using a Custom Label template (rather than the Default)?

Default Label

If so, was the label customized using "DYMO Connect" or "DYMO Label Software (DLS)"?

DYMO Connect is required for printing to newer printers (like the Labelwriter 550), but it does not export '.label' files that are required for compatibility with Kidddo.

Custom Labels must be created using DYMO Lable Software (NOT DYMO Connect) - even if you're using Connect to print.

You can learn more about Custom Labels and find DYMO software download links HERE.

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