Label Printing Overview

Printing requires either "Grades" or "Rooms" to be enabled in your organization's settings. This allows you to define how many labels should print for each child based on room or grade.

Name tags/labels can help identify children/needs and add an extra layer of security. Kidddo offers 4 printer modes to choose from:


Any computer with a DYMO LabelWriter printer installed and Kidddo's "Admin" or "Kiosk" page open in a compatible browser can serve as "Print Station" for labels.

- Easiest to setup
- Requires DYMO Label Software to be installed
- Customized label layouts must follow these guidelines

- Only 1 printer can be configured per computer
- Only works with DYMO LabelWriter Printers

How to Setup a Print Station


The iOS Kiosk app can print wirelessly to a AirPrint-enabled printer on the same wireless network. However, due to the nature of the AirPrint protocol, extra time (generally 3-10 seconds) is required to generate and send the print job - so if performance is of primary concern, we recommend the standard Print Station mode rather than AirPrint.

- Simple/minimal setup
- No computer or print server is required

- Slower Performance
- No Custom Labels; only 3 label templates available

AirPrint Setup

Kidddo Print App (Mac only)

Print to multiple printers on a single machine without the need for a browser or DYMO webservice running.

- Easy setup
- Assign and use multiple printers
- Use any brand/type of printer installed on your computer
- No need for a web browser or webservice
- Customize labels using our Mac Label Designer

- Currently available for Mac only
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Print Webhook

POST a JSON payload to your own custom app anytime a print, reprint, or test print is triggered.

- Full Customization of label templates and types
- Use any brand/type of printer you can find drivers for
- Run multiple printers from each server
- Not dependent on browser plugins/compatibility

- Developer/Programming skills required.

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