How-To Wirelessly Print from iOS App

AirPrint support is a convenience feature for those who would like to print directly from the iOS app to a wireless printer. Due to the nature of the AirPrint protocol, extra time (generally 3-10 seconds) is required to generate and send the print job - so if performance is of primary concern, we recommend the standard Print Station mode rather than AirPrint.

Step 1: Enable Label Printing for your Kidddo account: Open your browser and navigate to the settings area of your Admin page. Click the checkbox next to "Use Label Printers" and click "Save Settings". *Reminder: Printing requires either "Grades" or "Rooms" to be enabled in your organization's settings. This allows you to define how many labels should print for each child based on room or grade.

Step 2: Verify that your AirPrint printer is powered on and connected to the same wifi network as your iOS device.

Step 3: In the iOS app: swipe right on the input field to see the hidden utility. Select "AirPrint" as the print mode.

Step 4: Tap "Select Printer" to select an available AirPrint on your network.

Step 5: Select a Label Template. *Make sure your label paper matches one of the available templates.

That's it! Tap "Back" to return to the utility where you can print a test label. To change the printer or label template, tap the selected printer name.

*This functionality has been tested on a Brother QL-710W label printer and various desktop printers.
*DYMO Labelwriter printers do not support AirPrint.
See here for a full list of AirPrint-enabled printers.

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