How-To Create a Custom Label

Create a label that works for your organization! Add a logo, change the layout, label size and viewable content.

Step 0: This process is for Print Station mode.

Step 1: If you have not done so already, download and install the free DYMO Label Software *NOTE: Do not use DYMO Connect to modify the label - ONLY DLS:Download

Step 2: Download the Sample Kidddo label to explore in DYMO Label.

Step 3:*NOTE: The field reference names are in ALL CAPS and are as follows:

  • NAME (First Name)
  • FAMILY (Last Name)
  • ROOM
  • AGE
  • CODE (3-digit number)

Step 4: When finished, "Save as Layout" from DYMO Label (this will create a file with a ".label" extension).

Step 5: In your Kidddo > Settings under "Use Label Printers" - click the Label Layout name to upload your new Layout.

*NOTE: To revert to the Default label, click "Remove Layout".

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