Kidddo Print for Mac
Download v1.0.14 (macOS 10.11+)

Kidddo Print allows you to print to multiple printers on a single machine without the need for a browser or DYMO webservice running.

- Easy setup
- Assign and use multiple printers
- Use any brand/type of printer installed on your computer
- No need for a web browser or webservice
- Customize labels using our Mac Label Designer

- Mac Only - not currently available for Windows/Linux

*If you don't see your desired printer in the list, please make sure it's installed first following these directions

Mac Label Designer

We've created a tool for you to customize your labels to your liking! You can access it HERE.
*This tool requires version 1.1.12+ of the Kidddo Print Mac App

Mac Label Designer

Here's a little walkthrough video:

Mac Label Designer How to Print Remotely from Kiosk Back to Help Email Support

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