How-To Setup a Print Station

*If you want to use multiple label printers, please read here first.

*This mode only supports DYMO Labelwriter printers with 30256 (2 5/16" x 4") labels running on a Mac or Windows computer. For Linux, please check out the Print Server guide.

Step 1: Download the software for your operating system.

Step 2: Close/Quit your browser (the software will install a browser plugin).

Step 3: Install the DYMO software.

Step 4: Launch/Run the DYMO software and print a test label to verify that the printer and drivers are functioning properly.

Step 5: Open your browser and navigate to the settings area of your Admin page.

Step 6: Click the checkbox next to "Use Label Printers" and click "Save Settings". You may be prompted by your browser to allow access to DYMO printers - Allow! (If you are not using Grades or Rooms you will be prompted to do so first. Why?)

Step 7a: If you are using this station for Kiosk only and not for remote devices to print to, you can leave the name field blank. Otherwise, enter a name for this print station (no spaces). This will be the name/identifier you will use in the apps for this machine. (eg. front_door_laptop)

Step 7b: To use the Kiosk as a print station: open Kiosk, open the printer utility (ESC). Enter a printer name/id and check the "Make Station" checkbox.

Step 8: Click "Print Test Label". If the test label prints successfully - you're good to go! If not, see troubleshooting:

- Reopen the DYMO software. Try test print from Kidddo with DYMO open.
- Restart Browser and try test print again.
- Try a different browser:

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