Best Practices

Technology is wonderful (and occasionally frustrating). Here are a few tech tips to ensure a consistent experience using Kidddo (or any check-in system):

A Fresh Start

- Make sure you have a strong & reliable internet connection!
- Restart your devices prior to your check-in session. You'd be amazed how many people go weeks or even months without restarting their devices.
- If you don't want to restart your device, at least quit/relaunch your mobile apps (not sleep/minimize), and refresh your browser tab(s).

If you use label printers, check out these additional recommendations...

Using Label Printers

- Check label roll levels prior to your check-in session. Running out of labels during a check-in session will not only bottleneck your flow of people, but can cause print jobs to get lost in computer print cues, requiring re-prints, potentially causing label waste, etc. Checking and replacing labels prior to a check-in session will help keep things running smoothly.
- If you're using a Mac, and are not using a custom label, we recommend using the Kidddo Print app as it allows you to use multiple printers, and doesn't rely on DYMO's webservice to print.

Most printing issues revolve around DYMO's webservice not working in the browser. You can check your browser compatibility HERE, but restarting your computer before each check-in session helps to ensure the webservice is running properly.

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