Touchless Check-In

Touchless Check-In

COVID-19 has changed the world for all of us. Maybe you’ve cancelled in-person gatherings for a season, maybe you’re looking for ways to reduce touch-points when you meet in-person again. This feature was created with you in mind!

Have you been to a restaraunt lately where you had to scan a code to view the menu?
Now, checking-in is as easy as that.

How it Works

  1. Guardians scan a QR Code at your connection point with their smartphone.
    (See how to scan a QR Code on your iPhone or Android)
    QR Code
  2. This opens a url in the phone's browser with a specially designed kiosk:
  3. Guardians can search, select and check-in their household members
    Kiosk Select
  4. If printing is enabled, labels will print to defined print station
    Kiosk Print
  5. After check-in, guardians will be returned to their household screen. Subsequent scans should return the guardian directly to this screen for faster check-in. (For even easier access, they could Save to their Homescreen)
    Kiosk Reset


  • Restrict check-in's to specific days and timeframes
  • Specify a Print Station to send labels to

Touchless Tips:

  • Fasten/Velcro printers to countertops to reduce touch points (guardians can pull the label paper - without have to hold the printer in place)
  • Print and post QR Code in easy to access locations
  • Set a wallpaper with the QR Code on your previous kiosks
  • Improve security by changing some Kiosk options in your Settings:
    • Disable Alpha search
    • Set character match minimum to the length of a phone number


First, Enable Touchless Check-in in your Settings by checking the box and the saving your settings.
Kiosk Reset

Click the "Manage" link that appears in-line with the selected checkbox

You will see the QR Code for your organization. To download it for insertion to a document or image editor, right-click to "Save As..."
Kiosk Reset

Define a Print Station

If printing is enabled in your settings, you can define the name of the print station you'd like this QR code to print to. The QR Code will change as you type. If you are defining multiple print stations, save the QR Code, re-type and save, etc.
Define Station

* Tip: If you're using a Mac for your Print Station, you can also use the Kidddo Print App to connect multiple printers to a single computer.

Restrict Check-In's to specific days and times

By default, check-in is permitted by guardians anytime, but we recommend creating recurring timeframes to prevent guardians from accidental check-ins off-hours. For example if you have one church service at 10am on Sundays you may want to restrict check-in to 9:30am-10:15am on Sundays. If you have multiple events/services during the week, you can add as many timeframes as you'd like!
Add Timeframe

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